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Reporting & Metrics
The page describes the reporting and metric features of AIRR

To add dashboards, charts, KPIs and other data to AIRR, visit the Reporting page. From the Klipfolio Dashboards tab on the page select a portfolio company and enter a Klip link. Assign it a Title and click the Add Klip button. Data should now be automatically imported and displayed on the dashboard of that company.

Company dashboards are accessed through the navigation sidebar by expanding the investment vehicle to which they belong and selecting the company


From AIRR it is possible to manage custom dashboards, charts and KPIs 

This is done from the Reporting section found in the Settings

  • Settings -> Reporting

Custom Fund Metrics

It is also possible to enter custom metrics that are not pulled from Klipfolio


Add the appropriate entries for the custom metrics you would like to display


Accessing a company's dashboard


Adding custom metrics

To add custom metrics first begin by adding a metric name, description and assigning it to a fund. You can select if it should be displayed in the charts or widgets.

Clicking the trend-line button on an entry in the list allows you to add and edit the values for that metric.

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