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Qlik integration
Getting data from Qlik Sense Enterprise or Qlik Analytics Platform
  • Qlik Sense. This product is licensed by users and hence can be a fit for an organisation with small number of team members and LPs. Note: Enterprise version is required, not a Business one.

  • Qlik Analytics Platform. This product is licensed by cores and can suit well for an organisation with large number of LPs.

How to embed your data from Qlik to AIRR

The Iframe code should pasted in the Qlik embed object in AIRR Reporting section (see the screenshot below).

The first thing you should think about when using this integration is licensing issue and the expected number of AIRR users. As of now, Qlik has two distinct products available:

Licensing issues

Either of the two products supports embedding charts into an external platform (such as AIRR). However, Qlik Sense requires an AIRR user to log in (Single sign-on can be implemented) to be able to view the embeds, which assumes that every user (including your investors) has a license and Qlik account. Qlik Analytics Platform supports "Publish to Web" style embeds when the charts can be viewable by anyone without logging in, but because of the licensing restrictions it might be a more costly option.

image (6).png

You can share either a single chart or a whole dashboard.

To share a dashboard choose "Embed sheet" option in the upper-left dropdown menu and copy-paste the Iframe code generated. Sharing a single chart works the same way, you can right-click on a chart and select Share -> Embed option.

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