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Power BI integration
Getting data from Power BI

How to embed reports into AIRR

Go to AIRR Portal, enable Power BI integration and then go to Reporting Section -> Power BI.

Paste your link there and choose the company for which the report is relevant.

1. You need to have a Windows server with Power BI Data Gateway running on it

You can download Power BI Data Gateway here. This software is needed to refresh your reports from your datasources after you've uploaded the reports into cloud.

Personal mode of the gateway works just fine.

2. You need to build the reports and publish them to the cloud

Power BI Desktop is downloaded here. It has only Windows version as of now.


3.2 Input the datasource credentials for each datasource and schedule how often will it be refreshed

3. You need to make some settings in Power BI admin portal to enable sharing and update of the reports

3.1 Enable Publish to Web function in Tenant Settings

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image (1).png


After the initial setup it's very easy to embed the data from Power BI to AIRR, but first you need to enable some features in Power BI.

image (2).png

Click on any report and choose Publish to Web option

image (3).png

Copy-paste the link to the embed

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