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Portfolio Valuation Process
This page describes the Portfolio company management and NAV calculations within AIRR

AIRR offers a convenient way to manage and track your investment vehicle's portfolio. When paired with Xero's accounting solution it is possible to automate a large part of portfolio valuation.​


Portfolio companies are added by using the Companies and Valuation page found in the settings

  • Settings -> Companies and Valuation

1. Adding Portfolio companies

Adding Portfolio Companies

To add a portfolio company complete the form on the page:

  • Company name

  • Logo

  • Description

  • Industry(s)

  • Website

  • Person responsible

You may also select whether or not metrics should be enabled for the company.

To learn more about managing metrics in AIRR visit the following page

Reporting & Metrics/tutorials/reporting-and-metrics

AIRR provides the ability to specify more detailed information about the portfolio holdings


Adding share classes

In order to add the shareholding structure of the portfolio company, first you need to add the share classes that exist in the corporate structure. This is done in the Share Classes tab.

D. Comparable Transactions

Comparable public companies can be added in the comparable companies tab. This will generate multiples to benchmark or derive a valuation for the portfolio company.

2. Adding Founders, Shareholders and Share Class Information
3. Managing Valuations

Editing valuation information


Editing holding information

In order to edit the the  founders, shareholders and share class information for the portfolio company click the cog icon for the given portfolio company in the list.

Depending on the size of your display you may have to scroll right!

A. Defining Share Classes


B. Entering shareholders


Entering shareholders structure

In the Shareholders tab you can enter all the shareholders in the Portfolio company, including their type, number of shares and share class (defined in the previous step).


The valuation of a company can be managed from the Companies and Valuation settings page by clicking the trend-line icon.

C. Entering Founders information


Entering Founders information

Basic information about the founders of the portfolio company can be added in the founders tab.

A. Equity Valuation


Adding Equity Valuations

In the Equity Valuation tab, past and forecasted valuations for the portfolio company can be added. These are displayed in a graph above the list of valuations.

B. Debt Valuations


Adding Debt Valuations

In the Debt Valuation tab debt claims  on the company can be added. Enter the date and recovery rate.

C. Forecasted Dividends


Adding forecasted dividends

Forecasted dividends can be entered in the forecasted dividends tab. Past dividends should be imported via integration with Xero.

E. Comparable Companies


entering comparable transactions

Comparable transactions are entered in the comparable transactions tab. The required fields are:

  • Date

  • Target

  • Acquiror

  • Acquiried stake

  • Transaction Value

  • Enterprise Value

  • Equity Value

  • Revenue


  • Net income

  • Transaction Description

The Description field only accepts 255 characters. 

4. NAV calculation

Home Dashboard

With the valuations of the portfolio companies entered and dividend distributions recorded, AIRR will generate and calcualte the fund's past current and future expected NAV. This global view also displays important performance data for the investment vehicle

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