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Pipeline Management
This page describes pipeline management in AIRR

Pipeline management takes place in the Deals Pipeline section of the settings page.

  • Settings -> Deals Pipeline


The first step in setting up the pipeline management system in AIRR is to define stages.

To set up and make use of AIRR to manage your investment pipeline, follow the steps below:

1. Adding Stages

Defining Deal Stages

This is done in the Stages tab of the Deals Pipeline page. These stages can be as numerous or as few as required, and are left to the user to define.

Stages must belong to one of three types:

  • Active

  • On Hold

  • Declined

A. Defining Lead Statuses


The second step in setting up the pipeline management system is to define lead statusese.


Defining Lead Statuses

This is done on the Lead Statuses tab of the Deals Pipeline page. You may define as many statuses as desired.

Lead Statuses belong to one of the following categories:

  • Active

  • Declined

B. Defining Lead Filters


Thirdly, lead filters should be defined.


Defining Lead Filters

Lead filters can be created and managed on the Lead Filters tab of the Deals Pipeline page. Once again, create as many filters as required. Filters are applied from a source system configured to work with AIRR. In the example above the source system is Crunchbase.

Complete the other entry fields on the form and click Add Lead Filter to create a filter.

C. Defining Lead Sources


fourthly, lead sources should be created.

2. Leads

Defining Lead Sources

Lead sources are managed on the Lead Sources page of the the Deals Pipeline page. Lead sources are composed of a name, tag color, and a logic applied using one or more filters. 

Depending on configured filters and their names, example logic could be as either of the following:


Russian_startup AND Pre-B-Round

(Web_startup AND Pre-B-Round) NOT SanFransico

D. Entering Leads


Finally, leads themselves can be added to AIRR.


Entering Leads

Leads are added through the Leads tab on the Deals Pipeline page. The form comprises of basic contact information, along with the previously defined lead sources and lead statuses. A preliminary investment amount can also be entered. 

At least one lead status must be defined before entering a lead

4. Pipeline Overview

Pipeline managment


On the page you can view, edit, add and delete entries for the deals pipeline.

When adding a new potential deal, you should supply the following:

  • Company name

  • Relavent investment vehicle

  • Current stage

  • Deal amount

  • Relevent industries

  • Team member responsible for the deal

  • Next steps to follow

At least one lead stage must be defined before adding a deal into the pipeline.


Deals Overview (Kanban)

A Kanban-style overview is available by selecting an investment vehicle in the Pipeline Section of the sidebar.

It shows the deals entered in the Deals Pipeline page, with their overview information and status clearly visible. This overview makes staying on top of an investment vehicle's activities easy.

3. Pipeline Management

Management of the current pipeline is done on the first tab of the Deals Pipeline page.


AIRR provides a simple interface to keep track of all the deals in an investment vehicle's pipeline.

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