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Klipfolio integration
How to add the data from Klipfolio BI to AIRR

Please copy-paste the API key to the App Connection in AIRR (General Settings -> Apps):


The Klip link you need is the long number you can see within the script: 822046fb0780f6d2c5d74fa4392b92b2 in this case. Please copy-paste it from your Klip to AIRR.

That's it, now your Klip shows on the Portfolio Company page you've chosen and is updated automatically, along with the data in Klipfolio. You can display the portfolio company metrics data to your LPs without any additional work from your side.

The first thing you need to do is to add your Klipfolio API key. You can find it in your Klipfolio account, in General Information section.

image (1).png

Now you can go to Reporting section and configure the Klips and where they should be shown within AIRR. You pick the Portfolio Company in AIRR, the Dashboard & Klip in Klipfolio and choose the Chart Title (how the Klip will be named in AIRR for display).

image (2).png

You also need to add a Klip link, which can be found in the details of you Klip in Klipfolio:

image (3).png

At this step you can set up things like Klip border, size, theme etc.

image (4).png

Once you click Next, you activate an embed code. Save it somewhere and click Finished.

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