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Step 2. Investors and Commitments
How to add Investors Data to the Platform and track their Commitments
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Quick start:

Adding Investors to the Platform

More documentation on AIRR Investors is available here.

Add Investor Access Groups

Investor Access Group determine which Investment Vehicles should be visible to the Investors. Create at least one Investor Access Group per Investment Vehicle. In addition to that, you can create custom Groups (for instance, for potential investors) to further regulate the access or use them as custom tags for your investor base.

Add Investors

Now it's time to add Investors. Assign one or more Investor Access Group to each Investor created and choose whether it's an Individual or a Legal Entity (this choice affects the data visible in KYC module for this Investor)


More documentation on AIRR Commitments is available here.

Add Commitments and Commitment Records

For every Investor add Commitments (the connection between Investor and Investment Vehicle). It can be done by pressing the "dollar" button in the table rows.

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Commitments can change over time, so there is an option to track it in the system, together with the effective dates.

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