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Investors and Commitments
This page describes how investors and commitments are managed in AIRR

User Management page

Once they have confirmed the invite, they will be able to log into the AIRR platform with their credentials and vue files in their document space. They will also be able to vue the progress of the investment vehicle to which they are a member of.

1. Creating accounts for investors

Create a user and send them an invite by utilizing the form on the User Management page:

  • Settings -> User Management -> Investor team: Investment Vehicle


Investor commitments are managed from the Investors page

Settings -> Investors

2. Managing Investors

Investors page

  1. Define investor types

  2. Enter investor information, and the team member responsible

  3. Attribute the investor to an access group (optional)

Investor Access groups are managed from the User Management page.

  • Settings -> User Management -> Investor Access Groups tab

3. Managing Investor Commitments

To manage capital commitments, on the same page click the coin icon for the given investor.


Investor commitments page

  1. Enter a starting date

  2. Enter the amount of the commitment

  3. Select a status

  4. Enter a description (optional)


Investor commitments icon

This will bring up a page where investor commitments can be entered.

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