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Frequently asked questions
Is AIRR a platform for VC or PE funds?

AIRR is a platform for PE/VC funds, for investment managers and family offices. The way you use it depends on the applications you connect it to.

How safe is my data and where is it stored?

We store your data in AWS and protect it with all the standard security measures.

For those customers who require extra safety measures, we can always offer On Premise version 

First, check if the app is available among our integrations. If it's not, please reach out to us, we can add it as a custom integration for you.

Second, reach out to the external system provider and ask for API key. Most major systems on the market usually have some kind of integration API.

Third,  once the integration is in place, copy-paste the API key and enjoy your data

How do I connect the apps (external systems)?
Do I need to throw away my legacy IT systems if I switch to AIRR?

Not at all, quite the contrary. We advise you to use the best-in-class solutions on the market for Accounting, CRM, Pipeline Management etc. We are here to help them integrate those systems and make them work together.

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