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Exporting AIRR data to Qlik
How to export data from AIRR into Qlik Sense

Using the data

Once the data connection are set up, you can use the resulting data any way you want as per Qlik documentation. As usual, you can build your data model in data manager and then build the reports on the basis of this data model.

How to create the datasources

If you're using the cloud version of Qlik, go to Explore on the Home page, select a Shared Space you're going to use and in Settings select Datasources


A typical use case for exporting data from AIRR into Qlik is building customised fund reports from AIRR data, for instance on fund or company performance.

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Create a data connection for every AIRR API endpoint you are going to use. You can find the full AIRR API reference here

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In every connection you should specify the URL, as well as 2 query headers:

  • X-Api-Key

  • Accept

Your X-Api-Key is available in AIRR in your user profile details. It it unique for every User + Organisation pair, so if you have several Organisations you might want to create several datasources for every endpoint.

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