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Docusign integration
How AIRR can help you to onboard new investors

Give access to Investors via Investor Access Groups and launch the signing process

Multiple Onboarding items can be added to one Onboarding Process. Just click "Add Onboarding item".

The Onboarding Items can be either Documents to Sign or Guidance items.

Documents to Sign are items that require a signature by any of the process participants (for example, a Subscription Agreement).

Guidance Items are items that are displayed to the signers as a reference only and do not require a signature (for instance, AML policy or a document with some Instructions)

Either type of Onboarding Item, whether a Document to Sign or a Guidance Item, corresponds to a Template in Docusign.

AIRR offers automated integration with Docusign for investor onboarding process. 


Docusign is a online platform that helps organizations connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements.


Enable Docusign Integration

To begin with Docusign integration,  enable it as an App in the General Settings.

  • Settings -> General Settings -> Apps -> Docusign: Connect

Outline the Investor Onboarding Process

Other Onboarding Items options:

  • Which template do we use from Docusign? The selector shows all the templates available from connected Docusign account, grouped by Shared Folder

  • Who signs the envelope? From AIRR point of view it can be UBO, DIRECTOR or FUND DIRECTOR. These roles are mapped to the roles pulled from the original Docusign Template

  • Who receives a carbon copy? Again, it can be UBO, DIRECTOR or FUND DIRECTOR, and the roles are mapped to the settings of Docusign Template

  • Do they sign jointly or separately? Every process participant may sign his own envelope, or they can jointly sign the same document together.

  • Should every representative from the group sign, or any of the representatives is enough? Often, for example, a signature of just one of the Directors may be required. The Investor chooses during actual signing process, who would that be.


Either Investor or any Orgteam member will be able to launch Onboarding Process from Documents tab, in parallel to the completion of KYC. This option becomes available once the Investor Access Group is set up for this particular Investor.

Investor clicks Sign in Docusign on every relevant Onboarding Item. After that, the envelopes are sent to the process participants. Until everyone has signed, the Investor or Orgteam member may void the envelope, however, it can't be voided if the process has been completed by all signers.

Once all Onboarding Items are completed, the Orgteam member creates Commitment for the Investor, so that the latter starts seeing his signed documents in the Documents tab rather than the steps. The signed documents are downloaded from Docusign and stored tied to the Commitment.

Set up the Onboarding Items

Docusign can be used to streamline the Onboarding required for new Investors.

You can define a separate Onboarding Process for every combination of Investment Vehicle and Investor Type.

The Onboarding Process will be automatically applied to the relevant Investors at the point when:

  • the Investor has access to an Investment Vehicle information AND

  • the Investor has no Commitment in the Investment Vehicle yet

Every Investor Onboarding Process contains Onboarding Items (steps).

How to configure an Investor Onboarding Process:

  1. Navigate to the Onboarding Processes Setup page (General Settings -> Onboarding & KYC)

  2. Create a new Onboarding Process, selecting Investment Vehicle and Investor Type for it

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