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Step 3. Accounting Transactions
How to recalculate all your metrics automatically once your underlying data changes

Quick start:

Metrics update
  • Drawdowns from LPs

  • Distributions to LPs

  • Dividends from Companies

  • Management Fees

  • Investment Transactions

  • Expenses

  • Loans Received

Once the data is set up, you can check your resulting metrics in Overview section (split by investor) or on the details pages of each of the Investments in your portfolio.

AIRR provides for "simplified chart of accounts". Any of the transactions imported to the system should be of one of the 7 types below:

Setting up the basic Accounting Data

You can enter or import your data in Settings -> Accounting section. However, if you have more than 50-100 transactions per year we would recommend to set up integration with one of the Accounting platforms available on the market.

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